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OHP film is also named as over headed projector film.
Compared with PVC cover, OHP film is more clear.
OHP film is transparent, which is also excellent for making
digital negatives to combine the current technologies
with classic printing methods.

a sub dark t shirt transfer paper
OHP Film
8.5”* 11”/ A4 (210mmx297mm)
4.5 mil
Ink support:
Dyes and pigments water-based ink
Printer and printing method:
inkjet printers, laser printers, copiers, overhead projectors, offset printing, screen printing,
flexographic, resin version and mold, etc.


Instant dry.
High flatness.
Special microporous coating that is designed to produce brilliant, detailed color images.


OHP film is perfect for printing charts, graphics, or text for presentations, classroom teaching and crafting projects.
OHP film can use for black-and-white and color plate making in some printing processes, such as newspapers, books, screen, flexo, trademarks and textile printing.
OHP film can also serve as a clear PET cover for office and school use.
OHP film is an excellent choice for silk screen separations or other clear film applications where high-stability or heat resistance is required and a clear or see-through application is needed.
Usage and storage tips
1. Lay flat the film, the round corner of the paper is at the bottom right, the side facing up is the printing side.
2. Use washable dry-erase pens to write directly onto the OHP film.
3. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture.
4. Avoid contacting with water, oils, or solvents.
5. Avoid touching the printed surface with hands or any other materials.

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