A-SUB® Quality Control

In order to ensure product quality, our company strictly controls the quality management process, from raw material to the final product, and makes sure the product quality meets our standards before we ship it out.

a sub dark t shirt transfer paper
Base Paper
A-SUB® purchases high-quality European double-sided matte-coated paper as the base paper. The base paper must undergo random inspection by the QC department and only the good quality paper can proceed to the coating process.
1. European matte coated paper
2. Uniform thickness and low flexibility
3. Good water resistence
4. No stain or hole on the surface
Make Coating
The A-SUB® factory has 20 coating production lines. Before coating, the production department will do liquid preparation before entering the coating process. During the coating process, the quality department will conduct a random inspection.
Quality Inspection Standard:
1.The solid content of the coating reaches 25% is qualified
2.The coating amount reaches 88 g/m2 meter to be qualified.
3.Stripping and coating marks are not allowed
a sub dark t shirt transfer paper
a sub dark t shirt transfer paper
Paper Slitting Machine
A-SUB® has 4 rewinding machines, 3 vertical and horizontal cutting machines, and 2 fine cutting machines to meet the needs of different dimensional tolerance.
Quality Inspection Standard:
1. Length and width tolerance: ±1mm, diagonal tolerance ±0.5mm
2. Long side, wide side ≤ 5mm, slight waves ≤ 3, no twisted curls are allowed
3. Paper direction must be consistent
Print Testing
Title change: Paper Packaging/ Package The A-SUB® factory has 10 packaging lines, all products are machine-packed and sealed manually. During this process, the quality inspection department will randomly check on the product.
Quality Inspection Standard:
1. The packaging is moderate in size and neatly sealed.
2. The packaging box and label are consistent with the actual product to avoid mixed up.
3. Moisture-proof and prevent damage procedure
Paper Surface Testing
After finishing the packaging of the paper, we will randomly inspect a part of the sublimation paper to observe the surface of the paper
Quality Inspection Standard:
1. Dust point ≤ 0.2m㎡, no more than 2 in the middle (no more than 4 around)
2. No fray and scratches are allowed
3. The back printing should be clear and complete without strip ink
Paper Package
After the paper surface has passed the inspection by the quality department, a printing test will be conducted to observe whether the actual effect can meet the customer's needs.
Quality Inspection Standard:
1. The drying time is around 55 seconds
2. Transfer rate >95%
3. Printing color does not show through
4. Ink lock volume>180

A-SUB® QC Standand and Process

If you want to know more about A-SUB® quality check standards and process, you may download the two PDF below.
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