Inkjet Clear Hot/Cold Peel DTF Film Roll (300mm*100m) Produced By A-SUB®

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A-SUB® Fabric Universal DTF
Transfer film is a material for
heat transfer printing, and is
suitable for all kinds of textile
fabrics, all color available.
Suitable for all color of textile fabrics
(high temperature resistance).
Especially designed for modified
inkjet Epson printers.
  1. Used for digital engraving-free direct inkjet printing, good ink absorption, brigt colors, and soft hand feeling;
  2. Easy to operate, natural color, good tear resistance and no deformation;
  3. Non-stick of the redundant powders;
  4. Support small patterns and texts of multi-colors.
DTF Transfer Film Transfer Process
Print image with mirror image setting.
Spreading powder:
Sprinkle hot melt powder on the image.
Shake powder:
Shake off the hot melt powder.
Put the film in a microwave oven to dry,
(TEMP130℃, TIME 5-8s).
Transfer printing:
Image side faced down on the clothes, add a release paper,(TEMP 150-160℃/302-320F, TIME 10s).
Peel off the film
The printed part is easily stained, sweat
and oil stains will affect the printed layer.
Keep it dry and cool, avoiding direct sunlight.
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