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a sub dark t shirt transfer paper
Item Name
Sublimatable Photo Panels
96*64mm/127*178mm, etc
Hign Glossy Polyester coating/Matte
White Polyester coating
2710 kg/m3
HD quality with extremely clarity
Protection film
PE film

Excellent color reproduction:
Every detail is vividly and accurately displayed.
Excellent coating formula:
Withstand environmental factors such as UV and rain.
Using CNC machine:
Cut any custom sizes and different shapes with perfect smooth cutting edges.
Light weight for hanging:
Easy to mount in both interior and outdoor environments

Operating procedures

1. Print image with mirrorprinting setting
2. Press the imaged sublimation paper against to the aluminium sheet and secure with heat tape
3. Set heat press machine press at temperature 180°C press time for 130s
4. Peel off the sublimation paper
1、To peel off the PE film before transfer, don’t tear it too early.
2、Transfer temperature and time are recommended, please find the best transfer temperature and time according to the local environment test.
Packaging Schematic
1、Standard seaworthy exporting carton
2、Waterproof plastic package
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