A-SUB Ink Jet Transfer Paper
A-SUB InkJet transfer paper can be printed by all kinds of normal desktop inkjet printers with normal inks, then transferred onto 100% cotton fabric, cotton/polyester blend by a regular household iron or heat press machine. It is idea for customizing T-shirts, aprons, gift bags, and so on.
Photos Code Products Superiority Ink View
A-SUB 120g A-SUB® High Flatness 120G Sublimation Transfer Paper A4 Outstanding lay-flat performance Sublimation ink only More
A-SUB 125g A-SUB® Vivid 125G Sublimation Transfer Paper A4 Vivid printing, Excellent Line Sharpness Sublimation ink only More
A-SUB 105g A-SUB® Universal 105G Sublimation Transfer Paper A4 Suitable for soft and hard substrates Sublimation ink only More
A-SUB GL 113g A-SUB® High Ink Coverage 113G Sublimation Mug Transfer Paper A4 Extremely fast drying Sublimation ink only More
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